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Bring your vintage receiver back to life with audio repair and restoration by Lion Audio. Our team can service a wide range of audio system makes and models. Whether you need a replacement part or a complete restoration, you can count on us.

Diagnosis & Repair

If your audio equipment is showing its age, contact us. We'll ask you to provide the brand name and model number along with a description of the problem. If you agree to the repair, we'll add you to our list and charge a diagnostic fee. Then, we'll ask you to ship the equipment to our shop for a full diagnosis and repair. Prices vary depending on the extent of the problem and the parts needed.

Internal Components
Phase Linear 4000 II

Premium Audio Restoration

Vintage audio equipment is very popular today. Everyone is aware just how excellent this equipment is, how good it can sound, and how collectible it is. Vintage audio equipment is very retro and very cool. There is just one problem — they are all very old, anywhere from about forty to upwards of sixty years old. That is a very long time for electronic equipment — even equipment with very excellent original build quality. Nonetheless, some folks try to clean the equipment up and put it into service. Others try to do limited service — just get it going and put it into service. At Lion Audio, we are very aware that halfway measures do not yield good results.

Here is the scoop — a solid piece of audio equipment, in original condition but reasonably well preserved (not beaten up or rusted out), can be restored to premium condition so that its performance and reliability are competitive with what it was like when it was new. Three ingredients are required to make this happen, and these are knowledge, patient workmanship, and correct high-quality parts. Knowledge is critical. The technician must be intimately familiar with the unit so that he knows exactly what parts must be replaced, what adjustments must be made, and what potential problems to be on the lookout for. This is the definition of premium restoration — it is thorough, careful, and complete. When this has been done, the unit can be expected to perform to specification and better, and can be expected to be viable for many years into the future. Resources spent on halfway measures are generally wasted. Premium restoration, with lifespan factored in, is quite cost-effective. It is all about the music.

Lion Audio offers premium restorations on specific popular models. If you have one of the models listed and it "almost works," the odds are good that the standard restoration for that model will take care of it. You can purchase the restoration service for that model and send it in. If you have a model not listed, it will still be very familiar to us and we can deal with it very well. We just haven't assembled a package for it yet. In such cases, or if you have a unit that you fear is "very broken," you can purchase diagnostic service for it and find out exactly what it needs before you are fully committed to it. If you have one of the listed units and it seems very likely that it will fly for the standard service, and you want the final cost confirmed up front, you may still simply purchase a diagnostic and proceed from there.

We will make your vintage receiver look and sound like new. Our owner has been in the trade since 1971, so he has been working on most of these parts since the day they were produced. When you bring your equipment to other repair shops, they may only work on some of the components, leaving the other parts at risk of failure. We restore everything to perfect condition and offer a one-year warranty on our work. The full restoration process can take up to 30 days.

Sansui Pair

Brands We Service:

  • Pioneer
  • Marantz
  • Sansui
  • Macintosh
  • Phase Linear
  • Kenwood

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